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EP 84 - Inside One Championship with Hari Vijayarajan - group Chief Commercial Officer

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On June 10, 2020

ONE Championship is a celebration of Asia’s greatest cultural treasure and its deep-rooted Asian values of integrity, humility, honor, respect, courage, discipline, and compassion.Their mission is[...]

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EP 83 - Inside Events and Sponsorship During a Crisis with Chris Baylis - The Sponsorship Collective

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On May 13, 2020

Like any crisis, throughout COVID-19, many of you have had to deal with managing events and making decisions on canceling, postponing, or pivoting those events. Further, some of you have events on[...]

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EP 82 - Inside Sponsorship Contracts During A Crisis With James Earl - Fladgate Lawyers

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On April 15, 2020

We have contracts for a reason. They set out the rules and expectations for us all to operate in a sponsorship for the good of all and they are set out with all the right intentions – to do good[...]

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EP 81 - Inside 3-Win Sponsorships with John Balkam

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On March 19, 2020

Part of the complexity around the conscious consumer is their expectation that brands stand for something, that they believe in something, and that they will actually do something about it.



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EP 79 - Inside Athlete Appearances and Sponsorship with James Begley - Pickstar

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On January 22, 2020


Player appearances can be immensely powerful as part of a sponsorship. And it seems simple enough - put a huge star on stage, in front of a room of people you are trying to impress, or in a[...]

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EP 78 - Best Bits of Inside Sponsorship 2019

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On December 25, 2019


2019 has been a great year filled with lots of amazing chats with sponsorship professionals from all over the world.


As such, we thought we’d wrap up 2019 by revisiting the best bits of our 13[...]

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EP 77 - Nailing the Look and Dress of an Event with Sam Goodwin from CSM Sport and Entertainment

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On November 27, 2019


The right look for an event can make or break the impact it has not only those attending but also those watching from afar and definitely on how sponsors, and even potential commercial partners,[...]

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EP 76 - Inside Sponsorship at Mastercard Australasia with Katherine Butterworth

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On November 06, 2019

There are a lot of great minds working in the sponsorship space, across brands, rights holders, and agencies. We often see a lot of movement within the community, with people moving from one[...]

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