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EP 76 - Inside Sponsorship at Mastercard Australasia with Katherine Butterworth

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On November 06, 2019 0 Comments

There are a lot of great minds working in the sponsorship space, across brands, rights holders, and agencies. We often see a lot of movement within the community, with people moving from one rights holder to another or maybe from brand side to the rights holder side or vice versa.


Although it does happen, it isn’t common, however, for someone to move from agency side to a brand, especially a large global brand with a wide-ranging sponsorship portfolio.

Someone who has made the move from agency land to the brand side is Katherine Butterworth who is Mastercard Australasia’s Director of Sponsorships. Not only does Katherine get to manage amazing, big-ticket sponsorships with rights holders such as the Australian Open, Cricket Australia, and the Opera House, and work with brand ambassadors such as Richie McCaw, Katherine and her team also get the opportunity to work on, and be exposed to, international properties such as the Rugby World Cup and the Grammies.


The whole Mastercard business works really hard to connect with each other, globally, and learn from and share experiences with each other. For example, Katherine and the European based team can share learnings and experiences around two of the Opens that Mastercard sponsor; the Australian Open and the French Open.


In the chat, Katherine shares some of the amazing Priceless Surpises activation Mastercard undertake. Check them out.

Australian Open 2019

Plus, there is the Rugby Wolrd Cup activity where a young rugby player from New Zealand received the ultimate Priceless Experience of experiencing Tokyo with Richie McCaw and attending the Rugby


If you'd like to keep the conversation going, you can connect with Katherine on LinkedIn.


Along with Katherine, also on the show, is Daniel Ferguson-Hill, KORE’s Commercial Manager – Australasia, who joins us to discuss his latest blog ‘Does This Sponsorship Suit My Marketing Strategy?’ which looks at the important things that brands should be considering to help them sift through all the proposals they receive. 


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