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EP 11 - Leaders Week 2019: Engaging a Global Audience with Atul Khosla and Meredith Starkey

Filling seats in the venues means more than offering tickets at a reasonable price. It’s about knowing your fans and the different segments of opportunities to create different experiences for everyone, across both physical and digital. This requires contributions from stakeholders across marketing, ticketing, partnerships, operations, and more.



Leaders Week in London connects senior industry leaders around the globe to create conversations focused on the future of sport, and nothing drives the future of the industry more than knowing our fans and creating those memorable experiences.

In the latest episode of Inside Sports Business Intelligence, we had the good fortune of moderating a discussion at Leaders Week with Atul Khosla, Chief Corporate Development and Brand Officer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Meredith Starkey, Chief Marketing Officer for the Carolina Panthers.


They joined our Marketing Stage session to talk about:

  • The global growth of the NFL
  • Building fan-centric culture
  • Creating unique and differentiated experiences
  • Managing both live and digital fan engagement
  • Driving value partnerships through data and personalization
  • The importance of analytics moving forward

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