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EP 75 - Sponsorship Measurement and Reporting using Consumer and Fan Data with Rob Mills from Turnstile

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On October 08, 2019 0 Comments

It’s an age-old question, and challenge – how do we value our sponsorship assets? Unfortunately, there are still large parts of the rights holder section of the industry pedaling predetermined packages, largely based on the income they are looking to generate and not necessarily the value that they can deliver.
Despite some of the best brains in the industry consistently counseling against such approaches, we still see it. Yes, there are many factors that come together in an organisation that lead to offering pre-determined packages, but not deeply understanding the value of their sponsorship assets, as stand-alone assets, is always a contributing one.

No one pretends there is a simple answer. We’ve had conversations with rights holders where they’ve been convinced there is some magic formula that can be applied that will spit out the market value of their sponsorship assets. They’ve begged us to share it with them. Sadly, there is no secret magic formula.

However, led by Rob Mills, Turnstile Group are tackling this issue head-on with valuations based on actual market rates.

While the industry spins in circles making subjective assumptions, Turnstile is making definitive valuations.

Turnstile uses actual prices being paid for rights globally to determine real-world market values of the three key components of a sponsorship deal - Benefits, Exposure, and Intellectual Property.

This unique approach not only provides realistic and quantifiable sponsorship valuations for buyers and sellers, but clear visibility across the three components of value.

You can connect with Rob on LinkedIn and find out more about Turnstile on their website.

And, on the show, as always we also look at one of KORE’s latest blogs, and this time around, Mark Thompson KORE Software’s, Head of International Business , joins us to chat about Sponsorship Measurement and Reporting – The Fan Data Way

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