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EP 41 - Inside Sponsorship - Max Barnett - Nielsen Sports - IP Owners Controlling Content and Conversations

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On August 16, 2017

Content is King. It’s almost a worn out saying but since it was first coined it has grown into an absolute truth. Whether you are trying to attract customers, or retain customers, content has become[...]

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EP 40 - Inside Sponsorship - Abby Clemence - Infinity Sponsorship - Sponsorship Mistakes

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On August 01, 2017

Mistakes. We all make them and, sometimes, we make the same mistake over and over. Maybe it’s because we get excited about an opportunity and rush even though it’s against our better judgment; “Oh,[...]

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EP 39 - Inside Sponsorship - Claude Ringuet - Nielsen Sports - China

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On July 19, 2017

 In recent years we’ve heard a lot about the potential of emerging markets, across all industries, and it is easy to see that emerging markets will have an impact on the global sponsorship industry.

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EP 38 - Inside Sponsorship - Dan Frystak - CDW

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On July 05, 2017

You don’t often come across brand’s, or their staff, who are vocal about sponsorship on social media. Sure, there are those that are vocal about promoting or activating their sponsorships but not[...]

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EP 37 - Inside Sponsorship - Michael Tange - Nielsen Sports And Entertainment - Unified Measurement

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On June 21, 2017

How do you measure and report on sponsorships when there are so many moving parts?

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EP 36 - Inside Sponsorship -  Trent Leyshan - BOOM! Sales

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On June 07, 2017

Some people are sales naturals while some have worked hard to be good at it, some struggle with it and some hate that part of sponsorship. However, if you aren’t involved in upfront sales then your[...]

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EP 35 - Inside Sponsorship - Tim Hodgson - Invictus Games

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On May 23, 2017

Most of us will never know the horrors of combat. Many servicemen and women suffer life-changing injuries, both visible and invisible, while serving their countries. How do they find the motivation[...]

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EP 34 - Inside Sponsorship - Daniel Oyston - Aligning Benefits to Sponsor Objectives

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On May 10, 2017

While there are lots of things that go into making a partnership successful, there is probably one element that is more important than others – ensuring that the benefits you offer a sponsor are done[...]

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EP 33 - Inside Sponsorship - Mike Wootton - ASB

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On April 26, 2017

Banks have big budgets and there aren’t many that don’t utilise sponsorship as part of their marketing plan.

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