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EP 37 - Inside Sponsorship - Michael Tange - Nielsen Sports And Entertainment - Unified Measurement

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On June 21, 2017 0 Comments

How do you measure and report on sponsorships when there are so many moving parts?


If you are a brand, measuring what you are receiving, and the ROI and ROO, is imperative. It’s at the pointy end of your marketing activities and, no doubt, you need to report internally on how you are achieving success with spending company budget.


If you are a rights holder, you need to be measuring and reporting to your sponsors so that you can show you are an important part of that marketing budget.


At a bare minimum, if you are both following good goal setting process, and setting SMART objectives for the sponsorship, then measuring those objectives is a non-negotiable. That’s the M part of SMART!


No surprises there but, again, how do you measure and report when you have so many moving parts?


The answer is Unified Measurement and it isn’t just more industry jargon. Instead, it is something that you cannot ignore anymore.


Recently, Nielsen Sports produced a whitepaper, Unified Measurement – Defining A New Sponsorship Currency, and in this episode, I speak with Michael Tange, SVP Global Head of Strategy & Solutions, at Nielsen Sports & Entertainment, to take a look at the whitepaper in depth and unpack what it means for you.


You can download Nielsen Sports’ whitepaper here - Unified Measurement – Defining A New Sponsorship Currencyand you can also connect with Michael on LinkedIn.


Mark also focuses his regular blog on the topic of measurement and discusses the importance of understanding your data and consistent measurement.





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