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EP 67 - Inside Sponsorship - Sven Gloor – HSBC – The Changing Face and Future of Sponsorship

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On March 13, 2019

There are a lot of people who will write blogs and rock up to conferences to talk about the future of sponsorship. While I tip my hat that they have the guts to get up and present, I don’t know[...]

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Ep 0 - Inside Sports Business Intelligence

Posted by Inside Sports Business Intelligence On March 11, 2019

We're excited to announce that we're adding a new podcast to our portfolio for 2019. Along with "Inside Sponsorship" hosted by Mark Thompson, we are launching "Inside Sports Business Intelligence"[...]

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EP 66 - Inside Sponsorship - Adam Hodge – Octagon – Sponsorship in Asia

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On February 05, 2019

Every time you discuss Asia, and the opportunities it presents, it is hard not to get overwhelmed by the numbers involved. They are truly staggering and just continue to grow.

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EP 65 - Inside Sponsorship - Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team with Kolja Koracak

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On January 08, 2019

There is no doubt that sports teams now have a huge reach, with fans all over the globe, following their teams passionately through apps, OTT streaming, and social channels. The norm is for teams to[...]

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EP 64 - Inside Sponsorship - Oliver Yonchev - Social Chain - Influencer Marketing

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On December 04, 2018

The rise of social media influencers, in recent times, has meant that some have been able to create full-time jobs around their influence and followers. They certainly have some power.

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EP 63 - Inside Sponsorship - Pat Cunningham - Westpac Group

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On November 07, 2018

Sponsorship is clearly important to the banking industry with some of the world’s biggest and longest standing sponsorships involving banks. In Australia, banks have been a staple for many sports[...]

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EP 62 - Inside Sponsorship - Patrick Walker - Fundraising in Sport - Australian Sports Foundation

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On October 10, 2018

Sponsorship, these days, is a well-worn path. Rights holder’s commercial programs are well established and there is lots of great advice and best-practice to follow. While fundraising is a[...]

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EP 61 - Inside Sponsorship - Chris Baylis - The 7 Deadly Sins Of Sponsorship

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On September 12, 2018

There is loads of great advice on how to do sponsorship right. However, with all the advice, steps, guides, hints, and tips available, it isn’t an exact science and it is a challenge in the[...]

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EP 60 - Inside Sponsorship - Roddy Campbell - Universal Music Group

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On August 15, 2018

Music and entertainment sponsorship isn’t an area of sponsorship that lives in the limelight. That is ironic considering the artists involved do exactly that day-to-day; live in the limelight.

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