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EP 44 - Inside Sponsorship - Jonathan Harris - SRI International - Sponsorship Employment Market

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On September 26, 2017 0 Comments

There's no doubt that the sponsorship industry is in a period of huge change.


There’s a more laser-like focus on achieving ROI and ROO, new technologies are helping both rights holders and brands manage & measure their portfolios, women's sport is growing, as is eSports. Then there’s augmented reality, virtual reality and the list goes one with our access to so many properties, often on demand, now available 24/7. Add to that our recent shows discussing IP owners taking control of content, the huge opportunity that Asia presents and the changing attention spans of consumers we are all trying to reach.


As sponsorship professionals, stakeholders just expect you to get on with it and be successful. What isn’t often talked about, however, is how the change is impacting the employment market, the skills required to be successful, ideal team structures and how to find and retain great talent.


One person who has a deep understanding of the sponsorship employment market is Jonathan Harris, Managing Partner, Australia at SRi. Jonathan joins us on the show to take us inside the sponsorship employment market.


Also joining us on the show, as usual, is our MD, Mark Thompson, who discusses his latest blog which looks at the changing skills needed from sponsorship professionals and the makeup of commercial teams in both rights holders and brands.




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