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EP 45 - Inside Sponsorship - The Best Bits - Edition One

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On October 11, 2017 0 Comments

Welcome to the Edition One of Best bits of Inside Sponsorship.


We’ve gone back through the Inside Sponsorship archives, re-listened to some of the absolutely amazing guests that have so generously taken us inside their commercial programs, and picked out some of the gold that we think you should hear again.


For edition one of the Best Bits of Inside Sponsorship, we’ve included:

  • Jonathan Prosser, Group GM – Strategy & Growth at Cronulla Sharks Group, who spoke about the value of working with a variety of new business ideas and the establishment of an in-house creative arm of the business which focuses on business growth. Jonathan also spoke about fan engagement at the Sharks and shared some of the moving stories following their historic Grand final win in 2016.
  • Kim McConnie, former Senior Director, Sports Marketing at PepsiCo, shared with us how Pepsi come up with their different activations as well as how much they monitor what their competitors are doing in the sponsorship space. Kim also spoke about what Pepsi look at when deciding to partner with someone.
  • Trent Leyshan, Founder at BOOM! Sales, discussed the art of sales including the true meaning of a warm lead, masterful questions and the need to dive deeper.
  • Mike Wootton, Sponsorship Manager Auckland - Community and Sponsorship, at ASB talked about ASB’s sponsorship and their fantastic activation of the New Zealand Marathon. Mike also outlined the important steps and possible hurdles for creating new activations as well as some of the most common mistakes he sees when people are seeking sponsorship.
  • Stuart Ramsey, former Head of Sponsorship at Southampton Football Club, spoke about the importance of storytelling, and the relevance of humour, as well as how Southampton identifies possible partners.



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