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EP 58 - Inside Sponsorship - Brian McCue - Winmo - Sponsorship Prospecting

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On March 28, 2018 0 Comments

Do you find hard researching and getting a foot in the door with those you want to discuss sponsorship with?


Prospecting and researching potential sponsors is a a unique beast in the sponsorship industry. It’s definitely not the same as other industries. It can be a challenge to figure out a prospect’s position in the market, their appetite, their cycles, and their objectives.


Lots of great advice around sales is applicable to the sponsorship industry. However, prospecting and approaching leads needs a little bit more attention and a refined approach.


That’s why Brian McCue, Senior Director of Sponsorship Sales at Winmo, joins us on the show to help us navigate the tricky waters of prospecting sponsorship leads.


Brian has helped hundreds of non-profits, event organizations, and professional sports teams build partnerships with major brands. From small non-profits in Alaska, to large professional sports organizations like the LA Lakers, Brian has helped companies of all shapes and sizes go after new partnerships and sponsorships more efficiently.


You can learn more about Winmo at, follow them on Twitter and you can connect with Brian on BrianM (at) or on LinkedIn.


Also joining us on the show is Sam Irvine, our GM Product, who, in his regular blog series, has penned a letter to his younger self, when he was a commercial manager. This time, Sam has provided some awesome advice on why sponsorship and membership is a marriage made in heaven.





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