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EP 69 - Inside Sponsorship - Broadcast Sponsorship with Patrick Moloughney from Seven West Media

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On April 23, 2019 0 Comments


A lot of us are old enough to remember when the broadcast landscape was dominated by TV, radio, and print. As we all know, however, the internet came along and the opportunities to engage with audiences exploded, and continues to grow, as digital provides innovative ways to take people’s offerings, products, rights, and sponsorships right around the world.

Some will remember reading stories and hearing opinions about the decline, the decay, the fragmentation, and the death of traditional media. While traditional media’s dominance has certainly diminished, it hasn’t died nor is it going away.


In fact, just like all good companies and organisations, traditional media has often adapted, and continues to do so. In a lot of cases, they’ve taken the “If you can’t beat them, join them” approach and moved into digital offerings themselves which gives them some advantages in integrating their offerings across many platforms.

A man who knows the space well is Patrick Moloughney, Network Director of Sport Sales at Seven West Media which is one of Australia’s leading integrated media companies, with a market-leading presence in broadcast television, magazine and newspaper publishing and online.

The company is the home to many of Australia’s leading media businesses and the biggest content brands including My Kitchen Rules, House Rules, Home and Away, Sunrise, the Australian Football League, Cricket Australia, and the Olympic Games.

Pat joins us on the show to take us inside broadcast sponsorship. You can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn and find out more about Seven West Media on their website.

Also joining us on the show, to discuss his latest blog, is Sam Irvine, KORE Software’s Director for Customer Strategy and Success, Australasia. Sam’s latest blog provides us with his 5 biggest takeaways from the recent Business of Sport Summit (BOSS) in Sydney.





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