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EP 71 - Inside Experiential Sponsorship Activations with James Ward from TLA Worldwide

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On June 18, 2019 0 Comments

Just like data and measurement, activations is a topic that comes up in sponsorship discussions a lot. That's why we've been focussing a lot on activations at the moment, almost like a mini-series.

However, the last episode focused on physical activations, while this episode focuses on experiential activations. There’s no doubt that an activation that moves people from just engagement to one where they are truly touched by an experience is very powerful. Maybe, experiential activations are the equivalent of viral content on social media? With truly great experiential marketing, the brand and message are amplified so much by those who have experienced the activation, because, they really want to share how awesome it is and they’ll often be doing that with people in the same demographic.


It certainly leaves a lasting impression.


Sounds like an amazing thing for rights holders and brands to be working towards and the end goal sounds achievable, right? “Let’s create memorable experiences that get people talking, sharing, and have a lasting impact”.


In the cold hard light of day, however, that’s easier said than done. But one person who has a wealth of experience in helping brands and rights holders achieve just that, is James Ward, Head of Events and Consultancy at TLA Worldwide.


TLA Worldwide is a leading, fully integrated talent representation and sports marketing group. With over 140 full-time personnel, TLA serves its clients from 10 locations including its offices in London, UK; New York and Newport Beach, USA; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.


And James Ward has over fifteen years sports marketing, sponsorship and public relations experience, working in Australia, the UK and China. James heads up a 40 strong team of experienced staff working for leading sporting bodies, sporting brands, and sporting events. He has worked on campaigns covering three Olympics, two football World Cups, and most recently the Cricket World Cup in Australia.


You can connect with James Ward on LinkedIn and find out more about TLA on their website. 


Also joining us on the show, to discuss his latest blog, is Mark Thompson, Head of International Business at KORE Software, with the topic of Evolution of Sponsor Activations And How Businesses Are Changing To Manage Success.


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