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EP 1 - Using Analytics to Improve The Fan Experience with Aaron LeValley

Aaron LeValleyIn our first ever interview, I sit down with Aaron LeValley of AEG Sports and the LA Kings to chat about the success we’ve had through mutual networking and his current focus on improving the fan experience through data and analytics. You win or lose in sports, but the fans should love their time at the event.

Aaron is tackling one problem at a time in a dynamic LA market, but has more recently been looking closely at the communication and storytelling that brings analytics to life. Trackable measures come together to create a narrative that can help make decisions that positively affect your clientele. We want them coming back over and over again.

Quote - Aaron LeValley


Looking back, Aaron says continued success is about enjoying the process and being patience with the people around you. In a world filled with numbers, looking at the interactions and network that influences who you are is increasingly important in staying connected for future success.


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