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Ep 98 - Inside Best Practice Fan Data and Use - Steve Whately - Nielsen Sports

Posted by Inside Sponsorship On July 07, 2021 0 Comments

No longer can audience understanding be superficial i.e. females in New York who are between 25 and 40 years old. Consumers are complex people and a rights holder’s and brand’s understanding must go deeper.


But what happens when a rights holder can’t provide a potential sponsor with a fully formed, deep, and complex view of their fans? What happens when the brand has a deep view of their target audience and is looking for the right fit but won’t simply just accept the stock standard, demographic driven, fan profile so often presented by rights holders?


Well, the obvious answer is that the rights holder is a good chance of missing out on that sponsor. In today’s sponsorship environment, that’s a risk less and less rights holders are willing to take.


That is where Nielsen’s Fanlinks is an amazingly powerful data source that fuses consumers’ detailed lifestyle, attitudinal, and purchasing behaviour with their sporting interests & passions. Joining us on the show to discuss best-practice fan data and use, and a little peek inside Fanlinks, is Nielsen Sports’ Director, Commercial & Consulting, Steve Whately.


You can connect with Steve on LinkedIn and he is happy to share more information about Fanlinks if you get in contact with him through the Nielsen website here.


Also joining the show is Jordan Rutner, Research Marketing Manager at KORE Software, who joins us to talk about his latest blog, Deal Scoring - Comparing Investments Across Markets.

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