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EP 8 - From Data to Mobile to Fan Experience: Key Takeaways From the Horizon Summit

Posted by Russell Scibetti On July 17, 2019

How is data being used in the sales process in sports? What are the trends we’re seeing with mobile? What are the first couple of months like stepping into a BI role with a team? How well do we[...]

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EP 7 - The Convergence of Business Intelligence and Fan Experience with Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers

Posted by Russell Scibetti On June 25, 2019

If your Business Intelligence team is newer, you are probably still proving its value to your senior leadership.


But what if you could get to a point where your team no longer has to convince[...]

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EP 6 - How the BI Team for the Vegas Golden Knights Overcame Challenges to Deliver Big Wins with Kris Knief

Posted by Russell Scibetti On June 11, 2019

In 2017 the Vegas Golden Knights skated their first season. No one expected too much, and yet they made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. The team did their work on the ice. But the off-ice[...]

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EP 5 - How Neda Tabatabaie is Driving Innovation for the San Jose Sharks

Posted by Russell Scibetti On May 14, 2019

In this episode of Inside Sports Business Intelligence, I sat down with a good friend Neda Tabatabaie, Vice President of Business Intelligence for the San Jose Sharks.

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EP 4 - Creating a Business Intelligence Team That Wins with Chris Zeppenfeld

Posted by Russell Scibetti On April 16, 2019

NBA coaches know how to put together a winning team, and so does Chris Zeppenfeld.


Chris is the VP of Business Intelligence for the Charlotte Hornets, and according to him there are four key[...]

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EP 3 - Managing Rapid Transformation in Sports BI with Mark Bashuk

Posted by Russell Scibetti On April 02, 2019

Every industry and every LOB is experiencing massive transformation at an ever-increasing pace; Sports Business Intelligence workers have the same technological hurdles to leap: rapid innovation,[...]

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EP 2 - Getting WISE with Analytics Panel Discussion

Posted by Russell Scibetti On March 19, 2019

Conferences are one of the oldest professional practices, but they haven’t lost their potency for being a ton of fun and very useful! Not just because of the events at the conferences, but also[...]

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EP 1 - Using Analytics to Improve The Fan Experience with Aaron LeValley

Posted by Russell Scibetti On March 14, 2019

In our first ever interview, I sit down with Aaron LeValley of AEG Sports and the LA Kings to chat about the success we’ve had through mutual networking and his current focus on improving the fan[...]

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Ep 0 - Inside Sports Business Intelligence

Posted by Russell Scibetti On March 11, 2019

We're excited to announce that we're adding a new podcast to our portfolio for 2019. Along with "Inside Sponsorship" hosted by Mark Thompson, we are launching "Inside Sports Business Intelligence"[...]

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