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Why KPI? Expanding our approach to Business Intelligence

Posted by Russell Scibetti On August 18, 2017 0 Comments

People, Process and Product


Whenever we hear about the success or failure of any new technology or analytics initiative, it typically boils down into these three key areas: the people, the process and the product.


As a SaaS software company, KORE Software focuses primarily on Product, pushing business intelligence in sports and entertainment forward by creating top-of-the-line CRM and Data Warehouse applications. That was the major focal point of my role as VP of Product Strategy for the first three years I worked here – how will our current and future products continue to evolve with new functionality, integrations, and analytics to keep up with and stay ahead of the industry’s needs.


Of course, with all of our software subscriptions, we also place major emphasis on helping People to best utilize all of our products, making sure that they fit seamlessly into an organization’s Process by way of our Customer Success program.


Yet, as we’ve built deeper connections with our customers’ business intelligence and data insights teams, we’ve recognized the need for a service that focuses first around People and Process. Regardless of the size of the organization or their analytics department, it always seems like teams have more need than capacity to design and execute their ideal data strategy.


That’s where KPI comes in.


KPI, which stands for KORE Planning and Insights, is another way for KORE to help sports and entertainment organizations maximize the value of their data and technology assets. Our primary means of doing this is through what we call Advisory Subscriptions. Depending on the volume and complexity of an organization’s needs, KPI can provide an allotment of hours per month or quarter where our staff support a variety of challenges from data analysis and report design to technology and business process audits and improvements.


There are a few other reasons why we’ve started down this consulting road:

  • We have the flexibility to put different types of expert resources to work on an Advisory Subscription to make sure that we’re best aligned to that organization’s needs.
  • CRM and Data Warehousing are key platforms for business intelligence, but there are other systems and processes to consider, and this is a way for us to support a team’s overall BI needs.
  • Sometimes it comes down to simple staff augmentation in order for a team to be able to execute. After all, strategies don’t hold much value if you can’t take action on them.

We’re really excited about the impact we can have with this new division and we’ve already kicked off three new engagements in just the last two weeks, so I know we’re hitting the right note. This is only the beginning.


When we made the decision at KORE to get KPI in motion, the first thing I wanted to get on paper was our vision, just like I had managed the vision for the product previously. Here is what I ultimately wrote down:


“To be the driving force in the evolution of analysis, strategy and business intelligence across the sports and entertainment industry.”


That may sound a bit over-the-top, but I believe in having an aspirational vision and I feel confident in our ability to achieve it. I look forward to finding new ways that KPI can help your organization with people, process and product to achieve your vision.


Interested in learning more about how KPI can help your business grow?


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