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Where should the money go; in the sponsorship deal or in the leverage?

Posted by Daniel Oyston On March 13, 2019

“Do we need to spend over-and-above our sponsorship fee to maximise the deal’s return?”

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5 Trends in Sponsorship That We’re Not Talking About

Posted by Daniel Oyston On January 16, 2019

Over the next few months, we’re going to begin seeing a range of Trends in Sponsorship reports bouncing around. For the most part, these are great if we pay attention to what is being said and[...]

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Closing Sponsorship Deals – My Top 8 Approach

Posted by SponServe On November 28, 2017

One thing that I see some people struggle with, and others succeed at, is the ability to turn opportunities and proposals into closed deals.

Whether you are in sponsorship, fundraising, or any[...]

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5 Things I Took Away From Sponsorship Summit - NZ

Posted by SponServe On November 01, 2017

Summit, Conference, Convention … whatever label we give them, these types of events can provide us with a really rewarding experience. Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the Sponsorship[...]

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Sponsorship Sales – How to Get a Decision

Posted by SponServe On June 27, 2017

I love selling because there are so many little things you need to work through and be nimble with but there is also a solid process that needs to be mixed with thinking on your feet. All of that[...]

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How To Position Sponsorship To The Government

Posted by SponServe On January 23, 2017

I got thrown an unusual question by someone recently, “Government departments are not your standard corporate. How do I position my sponsorship opportunity when dealing with government to have the[...]

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4 Ways Brands Can Achieve Sponsorship Cut-Through In A Crowded Market

Posted by SponServe On January 11, 2017

There is no doubt that sponsorship can be a powerful tool in a brand’s marketing. But how can brands ensure they achieve cut-through when competing brands are also using sponsorship in the same[...]

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What Would Being Santa’s Sponsorship Manager Look Like?

Posted by SponServe On December 14, 2016

It’s Christmas and so I thought I would have a bit of fun exploring what sponsoring Santa would look like, recalling some of the topics I have written about this year, and trying to work through[...]

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Are You Looking For Sponsors? Should You Put Out A Public Call?

Posted by SponServe On December 07, 2016

There is one true sign, apart from the weather, that it is off-season for winter sports here in Australia - that’s the endless trail of public calls for sponsors. I don’t know whether to laugh or[...]

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