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To Buy or To Build - Five Tips to Choosing the Best Route for Your Sponsorship and Fan Management Software

Posted by Scott Aller On November 07, 2017 0 Comments

Your old software isn’t cutting it. The systems don’t talk to each other and they’re neither easy to use nor easy to update. And the cost of an update, both in time and resources, is more than you want to spend.


So, you know you need to make a systems change. To one where your ticketing, corporate partner and operations teams can all see the same data and work together more effectively. To one that’s easy to use and provides all the reports you need.


No more standalone CRMs and ticketing programs. No more disconnected data sources. No more manual spreadsheets. And no more miscommunication between departments.


Now you have to decide – build a custom system or outsource to a company like KORE Software, which offers a comprehensive suite of pre-built applications for Ticketing and Fan Engagement, Sponsorship and Partner Engagement, Suites and Premium, and Data Warehouse and Analytics.


There are trade-offs to both options. Some believe custom-built systems can offer more customization and become exactly what your staff thinks it needs. But, they tend to be more expensive in the long run, carry far more risk and shoulder heavy maintenance taxes. On the other hand, outsourced systems provide one-stop shopping, from implementation to training to continuing support.


As with any decision of this magnitude, there are many factors to think about. So here are five things to consider to help you make the right choice.



It’s easier to set your budget when you know the annual cost. With a SaaS software package, you’ll have a fixed annual subscription that doesn’t have any surprise fees. When you build a custom system, you’ll have a large upfront investment in both equipment and programming resources and, depending on how complex the system is, you might even need to bring in IT consultants or other resources. It’s difficult to set a budget for a custom-built system when the amount is a “ballpark figure.” In fact, custom projects can range upwards of a $1 million.


Start-up time

You can be up and running sooner when you use a SaaS system, sometimes in as little as six to eight weeks. Due to the complexity of developing sponsorship management software, it could take 18 to 24 or more months for a custom-built program to be ready to go.


Keeping your system updated and adding new functionality

In the time it takes to build a custom program, the SaaS system may have been updated once, twice or more. A SaaS program will never be obsolete as the programmers make updates on a regular basis. A custom-built program will most likely need to be updated before it’s even launched. And because it’s in-house, your staff will continuously be asking for new features and functions your internal team will need to develop.


Developers’ expertise

If you build a custom program, you’re limited to the expertise of the staff tasked with creating the program. How many programs like this have they created? What other teams have they worked with? A SaaS system is the only project for the people involved in creating and updating it.


Hidden costs, aka TCO (total cost of ownership).

A custom-built system comes with a host of additional costs, starting with the equipment. You’ll be responsible for purchasing and maintaining the servers, security software, drives and anything needed to run it. State-of-the-art technology – does your IT team have time to spend ensuring they’re updating your software for industry trends, new security threats and changes to rules and laws? With a SaaS system, there are no hidden costs to your budget or time as your programmers are free to work on other projects that are important to your team’s goals.






If you’re looking for an innovative customer relationship management and business management system that drives sales, streamlines business processes and takes profitability to a new level, you’ll want to check out the programs offered by KORE Software.



KORE Software has more than 10 years experience working with some of the most valuable sponsorship and admission-based brands in the world.


See how we can help you streamline your sponsorship sales and activation efforts or deepen your fan engagement with our specialized software applications. 


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