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Key Takeaways: Generating Partnership ROI in a Post-Pandemic World

Posted by Leonella Baudino On March 30, 2021 0 Comments

Last week, our panel at SportTechie's State of the Industry shared how they are generating partnership ROI with flexible asset mixes, real-time measurement, and reporting.


Flexible Asset Mixes Help Brands Tell Better Stories 


As live sporting events start to welcome back fans, teams are leveraging a mix of new assets and traditional in-game activations to help brands tell their stories better. Matt Goodman, CCO & COO of New York City Football Club shared, "I think it's our responsibility to find that middle ground where we can stay traditional from an asset mix standpoint, but also find out how do we help them (brands) tell their story."


Real-time Measurement & Reporting Simplifies Partnership Optimization 


Teams are also providing value to their brand partners through real-time measurement and reporting. As David Burke, EVP of Sales and Business Development for the Pittsburgh Pirates explains that leaner brand budgets during the pandemic have caused partners to get "super smart about how they track their investment and their budgets" so they are evaluating everything.


David summarizes the power of both a flexible asset mix, accurate data, and reporting perfectly, "we're going to talk (to our partners) about 'hey, this was your asset mix when there were no fans, this is what we think your asset mix should look when there's 25%, 50% and 100% (attendance)." 


Watch the full discussion below and find out what new and unique assets will likely carry over into the post-pandemic world. 


Generating Partnership ROI in a Post-Pandemic World



David Burke (EVP, Sales & Business Development - Pittsburgh Pirates), Matt Goodman (CCO & COO - New York City Football Club), Adam Grow (COO - KORE Software) 




Do you want real-time measurement and reporting across all your partnerships? KORE Software can help. Request a free demo to get started.


Leonella Baudino // Product Marketing & Communications Manager, KORE Software


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