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Oak View Group (OVG) to Partner with KORE Software to Help Scale OVG's Corporate Partner Strategy

Posted by Scott Aller On February 07, 2018 0 Comments

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2018  -- Oak View Group (OVG), the global sports and entertainment advisory, development and investment company, announced today that they're partnering with KORE Software's Sponsorship and Partner Engagement™ platform to manage their sponsorship sales and activation efforts.


Cofounded by Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff, OVG is comprised of many divisions; OVG Business Development, OVG Global Partnerships, OVG Media and Conferences, OVG Facilities, the Arena Alliance, and Prevent Advisors.


As OVG Global Partnerships continues to expand the impressive client list they currently represent, they found they needed a sponsorship management platform to ensure their work remained organized and efficient. KORE Software's Sponsorship and Partner Engagement™ application will become the backbone of their corporate partnership strategy, helping them align sales and fulfillment efforts, keep the management team informed, and track sales goals. Further, due to the level of complexity of this organization, KORE's technology will provide the viable means to streamline communication across all stakeholders.


"We get up every morning with the goal of having a positive disruption on the way that the sports and entertainment industry functions," mentioned Dan Griffis, President of OVG Global Partnerships. "KORE Software is one of the tools that will help us manage that positive disruption while operating at optimal efficiency."  


One of OVG's major initiatives is the Arena Alliance – a mutually beneficial partnership between 28 world-class venues from across North America that includes Madison Square Garden in New York City, United Center in Chicago, AT&T Center in San Antonio and Philips Arena in Atlanta. OVG Global Partnerships has been partnering with these arenas to bring national sponsorship deals across the entire Alliance. KORE Software's platform will enable them to create deals, and track and sell inventory nationally while coordinating activation and fulfillment at the individual arena level.


"OVG is one of the most forward-thinking enterprises in the industry today, and we're ecstatic to play a role in their efforts," said Taylor Kerns, SVP of Sales at KORE Software. "Many of the arenas and stadiums that OVG is working with today are also KORE customers. Our software will serve as the perfect conduit to ensure they can meet their goals."


About Oak View Group

Oak View Group was founded in 2015 by Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff to be a positive disruption in sports and entertainment and currently has over 200 employees across offices in Los Angeles and New York. OVG's business divisions include OVG Business Development, OVG Global Partnerships, OVG Media and Conferences, OVG Facilities, Prevent Advisors and the Arena Alliance. 


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