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Make a New Year's BI Resolution

Posted by Russell Scibetti On December 12, 2018 0 Comments

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s a great time to take stock of the things we’ve accomplished and set our goals and resolutions for the coming year. While we tend to focus on New Year’s resolutions of a more personal nature, why not set one (or more!) for your organization’s BI goals in 2019?

I understand that everyone has a slightly different situation when it comes to time, budgets and resources dedicated to analytics and BI, so pick the resolution(s) that’s right for you and your team.


Since I’m suggesting this, it’s only fair that I help provide some inspiration. So here are ten possible resolutions in no particular order that you can use as ideas:

  • Replace five of those rogue, hard-to-manage Excel spreadsheets people refuse to give up with interactive reports and dashboards, like this one.

  • Experiment with a new R package or two to improve your modeling and forecasting capabilities (our KPI consultant Sohil recommends ‘factoextra’ for multivariate data analysis including Principal Component Analysis, Multiple Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis).

  • Challenge the sales staff to increase their adoption of CRM by 20%...but make sure you have a way to measure it first!

  • For those with on-premise systems, measure performance of key tasks and try to improve the speed by 10% using database indices, hardware updates, tuned queries, or other tactics…or move one on-premise system, especially if it's slow, to the cloud!

  • Attend or bring/send a colleague to a conference that you/they haven’t attended before - you’ll always find us at SEAT, SSAC and Leaders among others.

  • Sign up for a Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, or Code Academy course to improve your technical skill set.

  • Run a departmental or even company-wide hack-a-thon. This doesn’t mean everyone has to write code, but dedicate a day to let staff put aside their day job and put time towards any topic that they find interesting.

  • Identify one CRM process that requires manual steps and see how much of it could be automated through triggers and workflows.

  • Add one new data feed or integration to your data warehouse to improve your cross-system reporting.

  • Reach out to one department that you don’t work as closely with (after all, BI is cross-departmental) and see what data they have that you can help them to better leverage.
I hope you can all stick to your 2019 resolutions, and have a very happy new year!

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