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Inside the Hornets’ Nest With KORE Customer, Chris Zeppenfeld

Posted by Scott Aller On January 08, 2018 0 Comments

The following artical was written by Sync Magazine and highlights KORE Software Customer, Chris Zeppenfeld, Vice President of Business Intelligence at the Charlotte Hornets. 


Sync is a magazine for tech executives who believe that the success of technology itself depends on the strength and insight of technology leadership. Sync captures the ideas, passions and personalities of executives who are actively shaping the role of technology in the business


Inside the Hornets’ Nest

Vice president of business intelligence Chris Zeppenfeld keeps Charlotte’s NBA team buzzing



The walls vibrate with anticipation as thousands of basketball fans enter the Spectrum Center in Charlotte on game day. With every Kemba Walker jab step and silky-smooth jump shot, the hum grows louder. The Hornets faithful cheer on the possibility that their team makes the playoffs and even potentially win its first ever championship. Most people glue their eyes to the court. But Chris Zeppenfeld helps put the buzz in Buzz City by keeping track of a dozen other things.


“We’re installing a new Wi-Fi, a new point of sale system, and a new app,” says Zeppenfeld, the Hornets’ vice president of business intelligence. “We have our concessionaire as well as the team. That’s five different companies that all have to be on the same page to provide the best possible experience for fans.” Getting all those individuals working together requires as much teamwork as the Hornets need on the floor. But, he adds, he and his team can’t just order others around.


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