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Dallas Stars Automate Social Reporting, Saving Time and Improving Partnerships

Posted by Leonella Baudino On April 26, 2021 0 Comments

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Like many professional sports teams, the Dallas Stars needed a way to manage social content, track metrics, and publish sponsorship recaps for multiple partners. With the NHL playoffs around the corner and the pandemic limiting venue attendance, the Dallas Stars began replacing their in-game partnership activations with increased social media content. After creating a social strategy and leveraging KORE’s DWA social integrations, the team was able to collect social data and pull partner recaps faster, leaving more time to improve partnership performance and value.


Key Outcomes

  • Data collection for all partners reduced from 39 hours to only 2 hours—a 93% improvement.
  • Turnaround time for creating all partner recaps reduced from 24-48 hours to just 1 hour.
  • More time to communicate and strategize with partners, improving partnership performance and value.

“KORE has completely changed the way our team manages our corporate partners and their assets by providing us with efficient and reliable functions though their DWA social integrations. The ability to pull metrics and reports from KORE has saved tremendous time and efforts from our Marketing team; it is hard to believe we tried to function without this system before. KORE has quickly become a cornerstone of how we do business.”


– Colette Rushing, Activation Director, Corporate Partnerships





Social media data was scattered, inconsistent, and time consuming to collect and report for every partner. Additionally, the increase in social assets during the pandemic made it even more challenging to manage all the additional content, data, and reporting in a timely manner.




The Partnerships, Marketing, and BI teams collaborated to establish a social content strategy and agree on data points to collect through KORE’s DWA social integrations. Throughout the playoffs, the teams ensured that social data was tagged and tracked accurately so it could be easily and quickly collected by the BI team. With the DWA social integrations, the team was able to provide sponsorship recaps to all their partners quicker.




KORE’s DWA social Integrations makes it less time consuming to collect social media metrics across all channels and multiple partners. The BI team now collects social data for ALL partners in approximately two hours—93% less time than before. With all their sponsorship social data in one place, it now takes only one hour to create all the partner recaps.


The time saved allowed the Director of BI to focus on the day-to-day needs of the ticketing department, the CRM and lead management as well as create additional reporting.


The Marketing Director invested their saved time in refining messaging strategy and tactics.


The Partnerships Director allocated their time to increasing communication with their 19 partners. The extra communication let them quickly pivot asset inventory and provide recaps faster which resulted in improved partner relationships and successful partnership renewals.


Further, the efficiencies realized with KORE’s DWA social integrations let teams focus on their essential duties, preventing burnout and increasing employee morale.



“The efficiency and automation that the DWA social integrations provided added valuable time that we did not have in our sales and marketing environment. It has created a strategy for us that we are currently applying and building on.” 


– Daniel Venegas, VP of Ticket Sales & Service




Interested in how KORE's intelligence platform can help optimize your partnerships? Request a free demo to get started.



Patrick Westbrook // Product Owner, KORE Software


Leonella Baudino // Product Marketing & Communications Manager, KORE Software


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