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New Sponsor Roadmap - 7 Checkpoints To Success

Posted by SponServe On April 25, 2016

So, you have done the hard work and you’ve signed a new sponsor. Well done; but what next? Your next moves will dictate how easy you will make your life in managing this new sponsor and also could[...]

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Sponsorship Recruitment – 5 Tips To Finding The Right Staff

Posted by SponServe On April 11, 2016

“Sponsorship recruitment? So what I do for all my new staff, to help them settle in, is to make them write out all the benefits for a sponsor 5 times, because writing something down is the only[...]

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More Sponsorship - Are You Ready?

Posted by SponServe On March 30, 2016

Sponsorship, everyone wants more. In fact, a mentor of mine always says that he has never met an organisation who thinks they have enough money or financial supporters – that is very true. Here’s[...]

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Sponsor Retention – Is ROO or ROI More Important?

Posted by SponServe On March 22, 2016

After my last post, where I analysed the IEG/ESP Sponsorship Survey, I have been asked by a few people what is more important in sponsor retention – ROI or ROO?

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Digital Sponsorship Benefits – How To Manage The Increasing Appetite Of Sponsors

Posted by SponServe On March 08, 2016

Digital sponsorship benefits are one of the biggest challenges I see and hear when speaking to sponsorship professionals. Specifically, they are challenged by how they can provide value to[...]

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How To Actually Build Real Sponsor Relationships

Posted by SponServe On February 24, 2016

I was recently asked, “I think SponServe’s content is great. I especially like your focus on making sponsor relationships and selling the core focus through efficient management. But, how do I [...]

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Selling Sponsorships - The Key Ingredients Of Success

Posted by SponServe On February 09, 2016

Selling sponsorship is always a focus. However, one of the biggest conundrum’s I see, especially when speaking with new sponsorship professionals, is pitch structure.

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How To Manage Sponsorship Agencies

Posted by SponServe On February 02, 2016

The need to manage sponsorship agencies - it is just one complexity in the world of sponsorship management. It is the fact that when you are dealing with a partner, you are not always actually[...]

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Great Sponsorship Management - The Three Things It Takes

Posted by SponServe On January 27, 2016

We live in a world where success and lessons are all around us. I was listening to the radio the other day and I heard a comment about a world class athlete which I immediately related back to[...]

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