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An Inside Look into KORE's Holiday Hackathon!

Posted by admin On July 05, 2017 0 Comments


Just before the holidays, KORE hosted a Software Hackathon for employees. It was a huge success, so we wanted to fill you in on how it went and what that means for you!


What is a Hackathon?


If you’re unfamiliar, a hackathon is an event where software engineers, developers, and designers collaborate to create a working prototype of product in a limited amount of time, like 24 hours. Some of the most innovative companies in the world, like Facebook and Ticketmaster, host regular hackathons for employees and non-employees alike and the discoveries are usually incredible!  For example, both the iconic "like" button and the ability to tag people in comments came out of Facebook Hackathons.


Hackathons are important for tech companies like KORE Software because of the way they stimulate creativity, innovation, collaboration and problem solving. When you get creatives in an environment where failure is low risk and imagination can run rampant, plus collaborating with their peers, the results can be amazing.


It also gives employees a sense of ownership and pride in their work to have these relatively independent projects come to fruition. At our last Hackathon in July, we experimented with a proof of concept for a new ticketing integration system. We've since taken parts of that project and integrated them into the design of our new ticketing integration.


In our latest hackathon…


Our Q4 Hackathon was one day for our 30+ developers to explore and innovate. Participants had the option of learning about something new or applying their skills to solve a current problem.


The winner, Fabio Talevi, created a friendly tool for our ProSports Suites & Premium module that provides the ability to draw customized suite locations or premium inventory locations on top of an interactive seat map. It improved the customer's autonomy over the system, giving them the ability to customize the suites how they want and whenever they want without the help of a KORE specialist.


Talevi gives credit to the importance of collaboration, since he came to the Hackathon without any ideas and got the idea, images, and concepts from another colleague.



So how does this benefit customers?


The more creative we are at KORE, the better we're able to serve you. Some of our most impactful ideas have stemmed from the hackathon series. With each event, we discover ways to keep your data more secure, help you access your data quicker .


Want to see how KORE Software works? Request a Demo with one of our product experts! 

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